There is a new controversy regarding our favorite government agency. That’s right, the TSA! It seems this time they were allowing an LAX passenger to make flights with ten pounds of cocaine in his luggage. I suppose the smuggler greased quite a few palms to get that sweet arrangement.

This of course raises questions: Are government security agents thought to be inherently more responsible than private sector employees? It seems this is false. Are TSA screeners just people like you and me, underpaid and hence just as prone to corruption? Seems so. Would a private security agency working an airport be more easily held accountable by the airport they serve? It’s pretty hard to cancel your contract with the TSA after something like this, I’m guessing.

The TSA was created by the government to “keep us safe” from a threat largely created by the government occupying foreign lands, engendering retaliation- and the whole self-sustaining system is fueled by your tax dollars, keeping certain defense-sector CEOs and bankers very wealthy. This seems to be the only practical outcome of the effort, aside form scaring most of the American public to death.  If we focused on defending our own country rather than interfering in every other, I suspect TSA would be out of a job.

The existence of such draconian, corrupt enterprise requires the consent of a passive majority. It’s time for the majority to speak up. Is America ready to stop wasting million of dollars on the farcical Terror Goose Chase?