Audit The Fed! Congress To Vote 6/27/12!

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Last-minute notice!

H.R. 459 comes out of committee for the vote in Congress tomorrow. This is our chance to get the audit of our country’s money supply we so badly need to fix the financial mess!

Detailed instructions are at the link below. Contact your Congress critter!



GOP Risks Civil War Over Disqualified MA Delegates

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17 Ron Paul delegates were disqualified from representing Massachusetts at the Republican National Convention because they refused to sign an affidavit promising to vote for Mitt Romney at the convention. This is illegal. One cannot sign an affidavit saying one will do something in the future, and have that notarized. An notary can only notarize an action having been completed, not an action being promised in the future.

As I wrote earlier this month, the GOP needs to learn to be more inclusive and pull ALL Republicans together behind platform they can all agree on in order to beat Obama in 2012.

RT news interviewed Austin Petersen of Freedom Works. Austin says that Romney’s campaign continues to alienate libertarian-minded party members right up the National Convention. This risks splitting the Republican vote between Romney and someone like Paul or Libertarian Gary Johnson, and handing the general election to Obama.