Great news for the liberty movement! House Resolution 459 to Audit the Fed has advanced the House and is going on to a vote in the coming weeks.

This bill has been several years in the making, and was only able to find some success after the grassroots message of sound money flooded representatives’ in-boxes with demands for an audit.

The audit is not guaranteed yet, as the bill must now pass in the House then move through the Senate. The outlook is good, though, as the American people poll highly in support of monetary transparency and the bill has bipartisan support.

Diagnosing the actions that led to this economic crisis is the first step to fixing it. The audit of the private banking cabal-controlled Federal Reserve which has had sole (and completely opaque) control of the country’s money supply will also likely go a long way toward proving that central planning and Keynesian economic interventionism has not, and cannot work.