Today I was on a website discussing the fact that Americans are still getting their news from mainstream sources. I tried to make the point that MSNBC is no better than FOX is no better than CNN… when I was confronted with this argument:

Both CNN and MSNBC have Peabody Awards and Emmy Awards under their belts… Know how many Fox News has? 0. Hell, even Comedy Central has 5 Peabody awards. Just because certain networks lean to the left or right doesn’t make a difference when it comes to quality news content… Of which Fox has none.

Yeah, and Barack Obama has a Nobel Peace Prize despite his terrifying and murderously inefficient drone strike campaign. The EU has been granted a Peace Prize while in the midst of unprecedented unrest, debt, and austerity. Tell me again the value of awards, please. Because to me, it seems like they are often just society’s way of re-branding and endorsing a certain ineptitude.

So a bunch of university-educated statists on the Peabody Board agreed with the university-educated statists at CNN and MSNBC… So what? Is it any wonder that MSNBC gets awards from people who have “done commentary about television for NPR, CNN, MSNBC and other media outlets” or have been “chief national correspondent for The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, and a reporter for The New Yorker and The New York Times”? None of these outlets- CNN, MSNBC or Fox- have done anything worthy of mention with regards to challenging the problems of the status-quo or holding elected officials accountable for their decisions when it really counted (not in the last forty years or so, at least).

Again, this is not a defense of Fox News or any other mainstream outlet. Every outlet has their angle (not excluding this blog)- but the question you have to ask yourself is not “Has this content been validated by an “authority” by way of awards?”. The question you have to ask yourself is “Does this reporting resonate with what I have determined to be true thus far?”.

Never let anyone else tell you what is good or true or right in this world.