Obama Re-elected

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According to MSN, Barack Obama has gotten over 300 electoral votes and won his second term in office.


“The best is yet to come”… indeed I’m sure it is…


The 7-Election Metaphor: Demo-Cokes And Re-Pepsi-cans

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7-Eleven convenience stores are running a vote online. Visitors to the site can vote for Obama by clicking the blue cup, or they can vote for Romney by clicking the red cup. The page shows a running total and you can also get statewide or city-wide results.

The page is located here: http://www.7-eleven.com/7-Election/NationalResults.aspx

While the Presidential preference of the average 7-Eleven patron is of little interest, what is remarkable is that this contest is a perfect metaphor for the status quo in American elections:

There are only two cups.

In the 7-Election, voters consider a red cup representing Romney and a blue cup representing Obama.

Likewise in United States Presidential elections, the public is given only two options: Republican or Democrat. These two platforms are purported to represent the totality of the spectrum of possible political opinions, policies, and positions on issues which are possible in the United States. This is all voters get to choose from: chocolate or vanilla; black or white; Republican or Democrat- collecting forty percent of the voter’s income and spending it on bank bailouts and militarism, or collecting forty percent of the voter’s income and spending it on wealth redistribution (and bank bailouts and militarism). This notion is, of course, absurd on it’s face.

The United States would do well to embrace the input of third-, fourth- and Nth-parties if it seeks a true alternative to the policies under which Reps and Dems have run the nation for the past century. In the age of information technology with a vastly augmented and instantly-accessible marketplace of ideas, the success of third parties and independents is limited only by their media exposure.

One cup is red and the other is blue, but they are otherwise identical and have the same hazardous content.

In the 7-Election, the candidates are two cups, red and blue, both filled with cola- which contains sugar and/or high-fructose corn syrup which can and does lead to obesity and diabetes in thousands of Americans each year.

When it comes to Presidential races, the situation is similar: The two candidates may carry themselves differently, have different debate tactics, be more or less socially awkward, or be more or less popular with babies… but when you look at their policy positions and voting history you realize that they are two sides of the same coin. They offer cuts to different federal programs and benefits, but neither is willing to question the need for federal-level solutions. They offer different plans for how to use your tax money, but neither is willing to examine the idea of taxation. They argue about corporate greed and welfare, yet they both agree that printing fiat currency and taking out credit from foreign nations (indebting the public) is the best way to fund a nation in the first place. Despite any campaign rhetoric to the contrary, both parties demonstrate an agreement by their policies that the United States should maintain an ongoing military presence in over a hundred countries worldwide and be constantly involved in some armed conflict or another, generating millions in revenue for arms companies and consultants and passing the bill on to the taxpayers. Both parties run on a platform of transparency, then are perfectly content to obscure evidence and prosecute whistleblowers once in office. Republicans and Democrats also agree on being “tough on terror” abroad by usurping civil rights here at home.

Folks are thirsty and don’t know there are other options.

When a customer walks into a 7-Eleven they find nothing but major-label, corporately-produced and marketed refreshments: Coca-Cola Company and Pepsico. If this was the only store in town, one would be forgiven for thinking that Coke and Pepsi are one’s only soft drink options. Perhaps one was raised drinking mainly one soda or another for refreshment. This would lead them to judge Coke and Pepsi on their relative merits rather than eschew both for an option which is healthier than either (something lower in sugar and fructose derivatives, for example).

This is a simplistic analogy, but it rings true in American politics. Most voters are simply never exposed to ideas from independent and third-party candidates, so they simply never look for a third option. The two-party culture has so successfully marginalized and trivialized independent thought that the average voter, while they may have some inkling of independent philosophy, at the very least thinks that an independent platform would have no chance in a general election and is hesitant to support it. But with some consideration, we can see that this is a self-fulfilling prophecy and a gem of circular logic. If more people realized that there are thousands of others in the country who privately share their discomfort with the two-party monopoly on government, third parties could tap into a massive dormant voting block.

America needs a third cup: a cup of something pure and refreshing.

Mitt Romney Wins 2012 GOP Nomination

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Mitt Romney has won the 1144 votes needed for the Republican nomination.


Paul Nominated At 2012 RNC

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Daily Paul is reporting that six states nominated Ron Paul to be on the ballot at the Republican National Convention, despite rumors that the committee would be changing the rules to require a majority in eight states before a candidate can be nominated.

Mitt Romney is still gaining the vast majority of nominating votes.