“Newspaper chain plans ‘state-by-state’ concealed weapon databases”

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“Newspaper chain plans ‘state-by-state’ concealed weapon databases”

Newspaper conglomerate Civitas may be planning to publish a database of every concealed carry permit holder with identifying information.

This is so slimey… First of all, why is it public record who has a permit? How is it anyone’s business outside the permit holder, their state, and possibly state law enforcement?

While the plan is despicable, it would be legal; so while we can blame Civitas for wanting to compile the information, we can blame the government for handing it over. This demonstrates a total lack of respect for the privacy and rights of permit holders by both parties. This dangerous and irresponsible act could endanger folks who have active restraining orders, or would suffer political consequences from certain parties finding out they have exercised their right to self-defense (a natural right which is sorely out of fashion today).

Finally, guess who “has the right to carry a concealed weapon”: Everyone who is not a felon. This includes you, even if you haven’t applied for a permit yet. Are they just going to print a list of all non-felons in each state? And what about states which do not require a permit to carry a concealed weapon? Please… This is nothing but a smear campaign and a target map for burglars.


We Have The Technology

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Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first free society. Planet Earth will be that society. Better than it was before. Better…stronger…faster.

Don’t run drugs. The government hates competition.

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Ex-military snipers from the US, Germany, and Poland have been arrested for conspiracy to run drugs and kill anyone who got in their way (like the DEA). Silly boys, running drugs is the CIA’s job!

Scumbag Congress

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Scumbag Congress

America is growing frustrated with representative government.

People Are Bad, So We Need a Government Made Up Of… People…

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It seems to me that many of the common objections to the idea of a stateless civilization stem from a fallacy. It’s what I call the “people are inherently self-destructive” fallacy. This fallacy posits that if we don’t grant a centralized authority violent power over the citizens to enforce cultural norms (drug use/marriage/education), those citizens will devolve into stoned, slovenly, uncaring, violent, criminal, and unproductive louts and the civilization will crumble. I have three objections to this. The first is logical, the other two are empirical:

  1. The circular logic of government

    The circular logic of government

    The view of human kind as inherently self-destructive and in dire need of authoritarian guidance must apply to humans categorically in order to be an axiom and a basis for social policy affecting the entire society. If this is true of all humans, there are no humans who could effectively manage the affairs of other humans and central government is a farce. If this is not true of all humans, and some humans are in fact rational and capable of governing the affairs of the world properly (by way of centralization like representative government/voting/democracy/totalitarianism), you have violated the axiom. Also, this is called “elitism”.

  2. If the decision to do something is based solely on the current status of its legality according to the government, you can say goodbye to the Rosa Parks and Boston Tea Partiers of history because there will be no more. A great deal of human progress has been made by disregarding unjust laws.
  3. This is because government and law are TRAILING indicators of culture. Only after the CULTURE evolves to be more open-minded/less racist/less violent/more altruistic does any government policy then reflect the new sensibility. Using the guns of government to enforce behavior is trying to get the tail to wag the dog and ends up in things like our useless “drug war”.

The idea that people need to be watched over by Big Brother makes me think that big-government advocates have a dismal opinion of humanity to start with. This is a real shame because we are each free, beautiful, independent human beings who want to do great things for each other and with each other.

“Meet the 12-year-old Egyptian boy who wonderfully explains his country’s crisis”

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“Meet the 12-year-old Egyptian boy who wonderfully explains his country’s crisis”

From the Washington Post: This young man is so intelligent it arms me heart. It makes me immensely glad to know that there are kids like this around the world trying to keep their societies on course. When children have access to self-education via information technology, they can see through the regional and sectarian rhetoric and get at the real truth for themselves. Ultimately, children like this will save civilization- but we must ensure that their access to information remains unchallenged.

Yes, the government IS collecting your data.

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nsa_naughty_niceThe Guardian broke this story on massive phone records collection by the NSA targeting citizens of the US, not only foreign suspects. Regardless of the suspects’ nationality, this kind of dragnet data surveillance has been suspected by many since the passage of the PATRIOT act in 2001, but is now confirmed by this revelation.

America is realizing that is has become a surveillance state. The question now is: What will we do about it? Will we continue to rationalize and excuse the encroaching tyrannical behavior of the state, or draw a line in the sand and demand that this has gone too far?

Read the story by Glenn Greenwald here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/06/us-tech-giants-nsa-data

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