Don’t run drugs. The government hates competition.

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Ex-military snipers from the US, Germany, and Poland have been arrested for conspiracy to run drugs and kill anyone who got in their way (like the DEA). Silly boys, running drugs is the CIA’s job!


Yes, the government IS collecting your data.

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nsa_naughty_niceThe Guardian broke this story on massive phone records collection by the NSA targeting citizens of the US, not only foreign suspects. Regardless of the suspects’ nationality, this kind of dragnet data surveillance has been suspected by many since the passage of the PATRIOT act in 2001, but is now confirmed by this revelation.

America is realizing that is has become a surveillance state. The question now is: What will we do about it? Will we continue to rationalize and excuse the encroaching tyrannical behavior of the state, or draw a line in the sand and demand that this has gone too far?

Read the story by Glenn Greenwald here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/06/us-tech-giants-nsa-data

Seattle Anti-War Rally February 23rd at Westlake Center

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A friend of this blog (Emilie at Examiner.com) is putting together an Anti-War action at Seattle’s Westlake Center on Feb. 23rd. Those who are so inclined should drop by and show support. This is actually quite a timely demonstration, in light of recent events:


The public Facebook event for the demonstration is here: