This Blog Is Moving!

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I have decided to move this blog and expand its scope to include more culture and technology posts, as well as inspiring stories of individuals making a difference. Please join me at recreationalthinker.com!


Buy My Shirts!

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Volun-Tees! Wear your freedom on your sleeve!

Volun-Tees! Wear your freedom on your sleeve!

I am very excited to announce the upcoming launch of my t-shirt shop, Volun-Tees.com on Independence Day July 4th! Shirts for the free-thinking and independent-minded! I hope that any readers who are tired of the political games and are ready to take their life into their own hands will wear them to spread the philosophy of liberty, independence, and responsibility. Designs will vary from typograhy (quotes and philosophical slogans) to topical political satire, with new additions regularly!

This Blog Now Accepts Bitcoin

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I have made a foray into the world of digital currency and set up a Bitcoin wallet. It could make for a nice alternative currency and is growing in reputation every year.

Please send Bitcoin donations to the following wallet address using your Bitcoin client:


Thank you!

Colorado Theater Shooting Smells Very Fishy

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Mike Adams at Natural News posted his reaction to the Colorado Dark Knight screening shooting. I have been considering the evidence for the last day and I have decided as well that this whole event reeks. We are not getting the whole story from the government, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone by now. How did a grad school dropout get over ten thousand dollars in assault gear, and the training to use it all as well as booby trapping his apartment?


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